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build healthier financial habits and make intentional spending decisions
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Introducing alka
to build healthier financial habits
Mindfulness Reminder


Take a breath before handling your finances. We've incorporated brief, beautiful animations into our product to help you feel calm and centered before diving in.

smart balance

Spend consciously

Our customizable Smart Balance feature lets you know how much you have left to spend when all the bills are paid.


Stay present

You'll get notified whenever money leaves your accounts. If something doesn't look right, you'll be able to catch it quickly.


Gain clarity

Check one statement instead of logging into multiple institutions. We'll present the information in a clear, concise format.

All your accounts

Maintain focus

We have integrated with over 11,000 US banks, credit unions, and credit card providers so you can link all your banks with alka. If you can't find your bank, contact us directly from within the app and we will personally check in to get you set up.

our approach

Why mindfulness?

Positive association

You don't have to be rich to start building a positive and calm association with your finances. You'll start rewiring the way you feel about money when you take a deep breath and view everything in a beautiful space.

Build awareness

Money often leaves our accounts quietly from unwanted subscriptions to fraudulent activity. With alka, you will have peace of mind in knowing what's going on.

Reduce anxiety

Over half (54%) of Americans report feeling anxious about their finances. Anxiety often leads to avoidant behavior. The best anecdote to these feelings is clarity.

Start your journey with alka
One step at a time, alka will help you relate to your personal finances from an emotionally healthy place. Begin your path to financial mindfulness today.
Download alka for iphone

By downloading and using alka, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.