Being able to trust your financial data means being empowered to make your most important life decisions. We have created a tracking and reporting tool for those that expect more out of their financial lives.

Alka is the financial tool you’ve been waiting for. Finally, get all of the power of a world-class financial database combined with unprecendented beauty, simplicity, and speed.

With a delightful user interface and workflow, you will look forward to tackling your finances.

Financial clarity you can trust

The biggest enemy of financial clarity is messy data. Our signature transaction inbox takes the pain out of data cleanup. Keyboard shortcuts and intuitive interactions will make you feel confident to maintain your financial life down to the transaction. Never lose track of your money again.

Categorization that fits your life

Mis-categorized data can be worse than no categorizations at all. By enabling you to create categories that make sense to you, and breeze through assignment and re-assignment, you will always be able to trust and make sense of your reports.

Spectacularly fast interactions

From archiving your transactions, to building reports, we have made sure that everything you do on Alka feels instantaneous. Why? Because you should be able to work as fast as you think.

Beautiful UI with Dark Mode

Minimal modern design are at the core of everything we do at Alka. We know that it's just as important how an app feels as how it works. Now with our Graphite theme, our commitment to the aesthetic of your experience goes even further.

View your data how you need it

Sort, group, filter your transactions in whatever way best tells your financial story. Generate reports that make sense to you and whoever you need to share them with. Forecasting and summarization that you can believe in.


Double entry accounting under the hood

Don't let the beauty and simplicity of our interface fool you. Underneath our graceful interactions and polished UI, lies the gold standard of data models. As your needs and understanding of your finances grow, you can count on us to handle whatever complexity you throw our way.


We'll be there with you

Don't lose track of your spending while out in the world. See all of your spending in nearly real-time with our iOS app. Get push notifications with each transaction and see your updated Smart Balance. You shouldn't ever be surprised by your account balances. We make sure you never have to be.


Work offline with our desktop app

Because you can't always count on having wi-fi. Now you don't have to wait to land to make sense of your accounts.

Stay in command with Alka Dispatch

You don't need to leave the keyboard to search, categorize, or archive your transactions with the powerful Dispatch. Now all of your financial data is at your fingertips.

Co-manage money with Team Mode

Two sets of eyes are better than one. Whether you manage your finances with your spouse, business partner, or the vice president of your rowing club, we've got you covered.

Separate personal and business

With the introduction of multiple ledgers, you can keep track of your business and personal life with one account. Switch back and forth as you need to make.

Slack Integration

Get transaction alerts, balance updates, and forecast projections directly in your Slack channel. Keep it to yourself or share.

9,500 Banks and Venmo

Whoever you bank with, see all your checking, savings, and credit card balances and transactions in one place.

Alka notifications caught a Webflow charge and it reminded me to cancel Webflow. I think this product could work for all startups who don't have time to log into their bank account and would rather just see their daily transactions as notifications - in replacement of a CFO. Keep up the great work!

Derrick Li
Founder of Lush

Empower your financial life

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