The most productive way to manage money

Financial clarity is even more important during uncertain times. We've created the perfect tool for those who expect more clarity for less time.

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Clean data at last

The biggest enemy of financial clarity is messy data. Alka combines the simple workflow of email with the rigor of an accounting system, plus a dose of video-game inspired keyboard interactions to deliver an exceptional experience. Who would have thought data clean up can be fun and addictive?

Your data, your way.

Fit the tool into your life, not your life into a tool.

Don’t let others tell you how you should live your life and stop putting up with rigid tools. Take full control of categorization and trust that Alka will scale with you no matter how complex your life gets.

Spreadsheet on steroids.

Convenience of a spreadsheet, power of a database.

Multi-edit, copy paste––just type without annoying prompts and dialogs to slow you down. Alka sanity checks your data and always keeps a copy of the original so there's no need to fear mistakes.

Powerful reporting.

Slice, dice, pivot any way you like.

Get the exact transactions you need to any field for one-off questions, or build a permanent SmartView that you can share with others.

See into the future, be prepared today

You can never be sure of what the future will bring but thanks to Alka forecasts you can model scenarios and be the woman (or man) who always has a plan.

Build for speed

Don't slow down your brain to wait for the tool. Never leave the keyboard and express yourself at the speed of thought.

Collaborative by default

Spouse, business partner, or financial advisor––everyone's on the same page with changes synced in real time.

Desktop native, offline capable

Always just a spotlight search away, with or without internet.

Transaction Inbox w/ Notifications

Pick up where you left off. Let nothing fall through the cracks.

Dark mode

Beauty both inside and out. We know how it feels is part of how it works.

Multiple ledgers

Separate but together. Manage your personal, your business and your parents' finances in one place.

Double entry

Merchants of Venice figured it out 500 years ago and we won't reinvent the wheel.

Bring data from anywhere

Cash, csv or automatic connections to 10k+ banks. We got a workflow wherever your data lives.

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  • · 1 personal account.
  • · Unlimited ledgers.

Be in control of your financial life.

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Applying for SBA Loan under the new CARES Act?

We built a dedicated workflow to help with SBA Paycheck Protection Program loans. Let us know if you are applying and we'll prioritize your access and waive fees.