What is it?

Financial visibility and productivity

Alka is not just another financial management app, nor is it a spreadsheet. We have created an entirely new paradigm for managing money. Combining the creative control of a spreadsheet with the automation of modern bookkeeping software, we have created a platform that puts you in the driver seat. With keyboard-assisted productivity, detailed drill-down reports, and mobile transaction notifications, we make sure you always have data you can understand and trust. Finally, you gain the financial clarity you've been looking for.

Lightning-fast productivity

We do our best to make sure your transactions come in clean and organized, but we know that categorization and sorting are highly variable and personal. Was that a business dinner? Are you getting reimbursed? With a full deck of keyboard shortcuts and our Omnibox search bar, you can get through every transaction in no time, making sure your data is accurate and up to date.

Reports you can trust

Financial clarity is made possible with information hierarchy. Gain summarized insight with our custom reports and drill into any detail in order to get transaction-level visibility into your spending. The purpose of any report is to give you actionable numbers and we make sure that you can trust the data underneath the hood.

Never miss a thing

Alka is your financial inbox. Review each transaction as it comes through. Catch unintentional spending and confirm the details as you go. By staying on top of your spending in nearly real-time you get the visibility you need to truly understand where your money is going, allowing you total control of your financial life.

Alka notifications caught a Webflow charge and it reminded me to cancel Webflow. I think this product could work for all startups who don't have time to log into their bank account and would rather just see their daily transactions as notifications - in replacement of a CFO. Keep up the great work!

Derrick Li
Founder of Lush

gain financial clarity

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